Project presentation for the Ukrainian students

Screenshot from the presentation

In April 2021 within the framework of the project, Tetiana Tolmachova gave an online presentation to 56 students of the Informatic Department (KNURE) with the support of Oleg Kobylin, head of the Informatics Department.

The main point of the presentation was to tell Ukrainian students about the possibility of studying at L3S (LUH) — doing an internship or writing a diploma thesis.

In addition, to the presentation joined Nataliya Butych (Regional Coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe at LUH), who helped to answer students’ questions regarding cooperation and the learning process.

Bachelor student – Vadym Ardasov

Bachelor student Vasym Ardasov started his internship in L3S for 3 months. He came to Hannover and during his stay in summer semester 2021 in LUH he will write his thesis under the supervision on the topic “Development and implementation of the method of detecting medical masks on faces”.

Vadym Ardasov: “I am developing a system for detecting medical masks on human faces.
Parts of my work:
1. Prepare ‘fake’ dataset with human faces that wearing medical masks;
2. Teach model to detect is there mask or not on face;
3. Teach model to recognize person in medical mask (optional, if it is possible);
4. Use of the model in applied business problems.”

Possibilities for participating in the program

You are master, bachelor or PhD student and want to participate in one of our internships, but don’t know what is the best for you? Here are our tips of what you can do:

  • start writing your BSc, MSc or PhD thesis in L3S – you can choose one of the topics from our lab;
  • attend summer school 2021 on Machine Learning – an intensive course of lectures;
  • gain an experience of working as HiWi on Learnweb – an educational webplatform